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Welcome to EUROPEN-PEN International

We Connect the World

EUROPEN-PEN International is the worldwide practice enterprises network. Our network of over 7,500 Practice Enterprises connects learners and trainees to classrooms and virtual offices in in schools, colleges, universities, vocational training institutions, companies and training centres in 42 countries around the world. Click here to find Practice Enterprises in your country!

Trading at the Edge of Reality - Experience a global business simulation that replicates all functions of a real company and connects education and reality!

Real-World Skills Acquisition - Practice Enterprises replicate all the functions of a real business. From marketing to sales to accounting to human resources, trainees manage their virtual businesses from A to Z!

What is a Practice Enterprise?

A practice enterprise re-creates a real business environment simulating an import-export company. The Practice Enterprise concept applies to the operational training of students in business schools as well as to the vocational rehabilitation of unemployed or disabled persons. The concept is based on learning by doing; although the training method involves no real money or products, the commercial skills acquisition occurs through the simulation of real business processes, management and structure and by means of real documents (orders, invoices, customs documents, shipping forms, etc.) as well as real tools such as business and communications software.

Are there Practice Enterprises in my country?

Our network comprises over 7,500 Practice Enterprises located in 42 countries around the world. If you live in Europe or North America, chances are there is a Practice Enterprise close to you. Our network is rapidly expanding and we now have members in every continent and corner of the world. Click here to go to our worldwide network listing to find a practice enterprise near you!

How do I get involved?

New Practice Enterprises are opening every year in many of our member countries. Even if your country does not have Practice Enterprises, you can still get involved! Contact our Coordination Center for more information on how you can start a practice enterprise in your school, college, university, vocational training institution, company or training centre. Our learning-by-doing methodology is transferrable to a number of target groups including students, unemployed, disabled, prisoners and even for retraining in real companies. Contact us directly for more information.

Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation Project - Practice Firm Trainers' Training

The Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation Project aims to create a practice firm (PF) trainers' training programme in cooperation with PF central offices from Italy, France and Lithuania in partnership with EUROPEN-Pen International. To find out more about the project please click here.